Ferries Marettimo Marsala

Ferries Marettimo Marsala

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The island of Marettimo is gorgeous and has the look of a real mountain in the middle of the Mediterranean. An oasis of quiet and silence outside the mass tourism, but full of exclusive offers with no cars. In Marettimo people come back on the island every year, discovering the art of fishing through fishing tourism, agriculture, and beauty of natural caves. The village of Marettimo, built according to the traditional Mediterranean architectural forms, is rising on the only small plain of the island and it is about 21 miles away  from Trapani and 70 miles far from Cape Bon in Tunisia.

Marsala is the largest municipality in the province of Trapani both by population and for extension of its territory. the town owes its name to the Arabs (“Marsa-Allah” meaning “port of God”), but the original name was Lilybeo, a quadrangle around which were the walls in defense of the city. The Old Town is entirely pedestrian, and interesting is the cathedral dedicated to the Bishop of Canterbury, originally built by British entrepreneurs. marsala is world-wide known today especially for the production of the wine of the same name and for the landing of Garibaldi here. 

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