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Ferry Trapani Levanzo

Trapani (ancient Drepanun) was an important centre from Carthaginian period which lapsed into the Roman era. Sacked by the Vandals, it came then under Arab rule in the ninth century. Recognizable signs of the Moors can be found in the gastronomic traditions, monumental ruins and rituals. The architectural remnants of the medieval period, still visible today, witnessed a revival of art. An important port, nowadays the city is famous for the tuna fishing.

Geologically Levanzo is the oldest of the islands of the Egadi Archipelago, has high coasts, overlooking the sea and  boasts a tradition of great cousine. It basically consists of white limestone rocks which have many caves, including the Genovese Cave, famous for its prehistoric paintings that gave international fame. Through a well-maintained trail, reach and admire the beautiful bays of the south-west coast with beautiful pebbled beach. Many dishes are made with fresh fish as the delicious couscous or busiati (characteristic homemade pasta).

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