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Ferry Trapani Marettimo

An interesting city, Trapani boasts a long history spanning from Cartagho to the Moors to Spaniards. Trapani was visited by Emperor Charles V who reinforced the fortifications, blocking the port of Marsal. Under the guidance of Jerome Fardella this city rebelled against the Spanish in 1672. Again conquered by the latter in 1735, he participated in the War of Polish Succession. Victoriously rebelled against the Bourbons in 1848, by sending aid to the nearby Palermo. This city was subjected to two serious bombing during World War II; reconstructions were generated extensions we see today.  The sea and fishing still play a very important role in its economy.

Inside the Nature Reserve of the Egadi islands, nestled in the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea, Marettimo is perhaps one of the most beautiful islands. The 'Pearl of the Mediterranean' shows the deep blue of its pristine waters, to the seabed rich in life and colour, an enormous amount of marine natural caves or halfway (about 400). The island can be considered an authentic paradise where to spend an entire vacation or just relax for a few days. Its crystal clear sea is indeed the delight of tourists during the summer season, come here to swim and sunbathe or take boat trips.

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