Ferries Trieste Durazzo

Ferries Trieste Durazzo

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To reach Durazzo from Trieste and vice versa is very easy and fast booking online on OK-Ferry for a low-cost crossing with departures from/to Trieste-Durazzo.

Everyone who visited Trieste are impressed. It is a great destination for a weekend and worth a stop if you're heading to Croatia, Albania or Slovenia.

If you decide to get in this remote corner of Italy by train or by car along the road so called "Coast" will be the white towers of Miramare to announce that we are going to get to Trieste.
The beautiful castle of Miramare overloook the seafront. It was destined to be the residence of Maximilian of Habsburg and his young wife Carlotta. Miramare is beautiful, like a fairytale castle surrounded by a huge park. Continue along the promenade of Barcola, unfolding for several kilometers from Miramare to the center of Trieste. It 'a nice walk in every season.

Durazzo is one of the oldest cities in the Mediterranean. From its inception in the seventh century BC the city has never ceased to be inhabited and lived properly. Excluding the times of strict closure communist, Durazzo has always been a key port city and a very important and vital in the Balkans so much so that Catullus used to call it the "Tavern of the Adriatic". Durazzo was founded in 627 BC by Greek colonists from the island of Corfu. Since then this city became history.

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