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Ferry Ischia Amalfi

In the waters of the Gulf of Naples, Ischia is a tourist destination of international renown that offers crystal-clear sea, pristine landscapes, cultural attractions and many other surprises.
Its very jagged coastsare characterized by headlands, bays and long beaches where seawater mixes with the hot mineral springs that flow a few meters from battigia. Ischia known as "the Green Island"  hides underground high concentration of thermal pools and a variety of water that make the "capital of the European spas." The vineyards, arranged on terraces,add a special touch to the landscape in Ischia.

The blue sea, the green of the Mediterranean and terraces planted with citrus blend with architectural features to create one of the most beautiful little village in in Italy: Amalfi.
The winding road creeps in deep valleys, surrounds the rocky cliffs overlooking the sea, down to the beach and then goes back, in a succession of views and breathtaking views.

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