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Ferry Cadiz Las Palmas

To reach Canary Islands complex of islands from Spain and vice versa is very easy and fast booking online on OK-Ferry for a low-cost crossing with departures from/to Cadiz-Las Palmas.

Cadiz on the Costa de la Luz in Spain has a unique historical background, while it was occupied by Romans and Moors, and later in trading with the new discovered worlds of South America. This small city has been crossing centuries of history, bordered on three sides by beautiful beaches and pine forests overlooking Africa.

Today, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is a bustling port and the capital of La Palma together with Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Its major street, Calle Juan de Quesada, divided into two the historic quarters of Vegueta and Triana on the right and Barranco de Guiniguada on the left. It leads out of town to the centre of the island, and to the beauty of a breathtaking landscape.

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