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Ferries to Capraia: all departures available on Ok-Ferry!


Capraia is certainly the most rough among the isles in the Tuscan Archipelago, but the Mediterranean woodland delights tourists with numerous scenic routes and trekking for any level. During summer, the lovely little town is connected to the quaint leisure port by a slow and relaxed flux of people, just as in those old-fashioned cards.


Ferries to Capraia sail from Livorno, the main harbour in Tuscany, everyday, all year long. During summer, in order to increase the tourist flux, sailings are doubled.


Ferries to Capraia: sailing time and on-board services


Ferries to Capraia are a little smaller than those employed for the routes to the other isles of the Tuscan Archipelago. Sailings are anyway enjoyable: they are always performed during daytime, and they last around 2 hours and 45 minutes. The time of the sailing may seem very long, but it flows pleasantly instead, thanks to the on-board services available.


Ferries to Capraia carry passengers, vehicles and pets. Passengers can only select deck accommodation, which is to say the right to board, and that anyway grants free access to the public areas of the ferry (just like air seat salon, bar-cafeteria, solarium). From the weather deck, passengers may enjoy the fascinating landscape of the coast.



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