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To reach Cyclades from Greece and vice versa is very easy and fast booking online on OK-Ferry for a low-cost crossing with departures from/to Pireo-Ios.

Pireo (Piraeus in English), the biggest port of europe and Athens, transfers ferry passengers and goods to all the islands of the Aegean. The marina theatre (Theatro Dimotiko) of Zea (Pasalimani) is very pretty as it is Kastela. You will find restaurants, fish taverns, bars and the club. You can see part of the ancient wall that connected the Piraeus in Athens (Makra Teihi) at the Marina Zea, where there is also a maritime museum, and in some areas of the coast of Peiraki. On the hill, Profitis Helias, visitors can have a panoramic view of Athens and Piraeus, and also around the Saronic Gulf.

Ios is an island with lots of things to do and see, with a very young audience and great beaches empty until noon, as all the "clubbers" are still sleeping. Local tradition says that Homer died here, and you can still see the remains of his tomb. The Venetians ruled the island from the thirteenth to the sixteenth century,  part of the Venetian ducat with Naxos as capital at the time. People in Ios live mainly on agriculture and fishing, not mainly on tourism.

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