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Albania is a doorstep to a quite different world: coming from a past full of aristocrazy and the recent background made of immigrants escaping Stalinism changed the face of this beautiful and ancient land. 

Albania is indeed a mixture of Mediterrean and Slavic influences, to create the fierce proud of the hinterland and the pretty resort along the coasts, which have typically Mediterranean weather.  You can come over to enjoy the crystal and clear water of the sea, unexplored beaches, and small cute villages or to go for hiking, instead, along the highlands and the Albanian Alps: rainfalls, bare rocks and faboulous  views on the border between Albania and Montenegro

Adria Ferries Fleet and on board services

On OkFerry you can book ferries of Adria Ferries company, the routes covered by this operator are those to and from Albania, specifically between the Italian cities of Bari and Ancona and the Albanian port of Durres.

To cover the routes the company has at its disposal a ferry of 125 meters long, 18.50 meters wide and 7 decks with stabilizing fins, 2 motors with a power of 14,000 hp, which allow a cruising speed of 19 knots, for a capacity for 830 passengers, 221 vehicles, which is called "Riviera del Conero". And once in Albania  it would be worthy reach Tirana (Tiranë), the capital, surrounded by trees and mountains like Mt. Dajt, to climb for a great view of the city.

Unmissable Berat, the  marvellous "city of 1001 windows" thanks to  its unique Ottoman/Albanian architecture: it is one of the oldest towns in Albania and a UNESCO world heritage Site.

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