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 FerryOn Ok Ferry you can book ferries of Alilauro company, that covers the routes from / to Ischia, Capri, Naples, Sorrento, Aeolian Islands, Pontine Islands, Fiumicino, Anzio. The main routes covered by the Alilauro company are: Capri-Ischia, Ischia-Naples, Naples-Sorrento, Sorrento-Ischia. Alilauro's fleet consists of the following vessels: Agostino Lauro Jet, Mariaceleste Lauro, Mariasole Lauro, Annamaria Lauro, Rosaria Lauro, Nettuno Jet, Acapulco Jet, Giunone Jet, Airone Jet, Aliantares, Aliflorida, Alikenia, Aligea, Alieolo, Aliarturo , Monocarena, Giove Jet, Europa Jet. Alilauro company's history begins in 1944 in the port of Ischia when Agostino Lauro with the "Freccia del Golfo" begins the tourist transport service for Ischia - Capri. In 1968, Don Agostino buys three small hydrofoils which help to expand its fleet. To this day, the company owns at least 32 fast boats.

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