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 FerryOn Ok Ferry you can book tickets for the ferries of Caremar shipping company, a society of the group Tirrenia which ensures connections with the Neapolitan (Capri, Ischia and Procida) and Pontine Islands (Ponza and Ventotene), for all the year and with leaving from the calls of Anzio, Formia, Sorrento, Pozzuoli and Naples. The fleet, at Caremar disposal, is in excess of six ferries (each of which can carry about a thousand people and sixty cars), 2 fast-ferries (with load capacity of 520 passengers and 55 cars), three hydrofoils, a catamaran and a monostab. All the means supplied to the company are equipped with air conditioning to ensure greater comfort to passengers. The Compagnia Regionale Marittima SpA has been operating since 1976, connecting the islands of the Gulf of Naples, Ischia and the Pontine Islands. The vessels that set the fleet of the company are: Adeona, Driade, Fauno, Naiade, Quirino, Tetide, Isola di Capri, Isola di Procida, Alnilam, Aldearan, Monte Gargano, Isola di S. Pietro, Achernar. The shipping company Caremar puts too much attention to the safety standards of its own means: the automated control of the propulsion, the double system of rigging, dual radar and automatic fire control are just some of the implementations that ensure the highest standards of safety for the navigation. Ok Ferry carries out the ticket service of Caremar.

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