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 FerrySince March 1959 CTN Tunisia Ferries established little by little a high-quality staff and fleet with a currently world-wide reputation.

The TNC has launched in 1997 a programme of excellence and has become one of the most important firm operating in the Mediterranean area, specialising in the carrying of the roll-on-roll-off freight.

Top-quality customer service and high-standard ships are the secret of its success. The use of the “Carthage” car-ferry started in June 1999: this ensured comfort conditions aboard and was a step forward in meeting the multiple needs of its diverse clientele during the peak season, while launching a great cruise-activity  during the off-peak and medium seasons.

To reach Tunisi, one of the best way possible is CTN Tunisia Ferries.

On Ok Ferry web site you can book ferries of company choosing from all routes CTN Tunisia Ferries manages.

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