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One of Europe’s most unexplored places to visit with off-track islands, serene coves and stone-built villages. Croatia is well-known for its stretches of coast. Both backpackers, groups of friends or  families, lovers or sport addicts will enjoy Croatian cuisine features amazing seafoodstuffs, wines and olive oils. Croatia is inviting for its natural rocky shore and more than a thousand islands, but also for its bubbling  cultural life.
Many are the arts festivals and small-town cultural events. In Zagreb many new galleries and art attractions are born in a reverie of cultural Mitteleuropa and Mediterranean spontaneity that gives Croatia its particular taste. “Hic sunt leones”,  the ones that Romans were scared of, but today Croats traditionally are very welcoming and Balkans are a truly fascinating place to visit!
Split and Dubrovnik are a very trendy coastal towns and offers a lot to satisfy each needs! Zadar is a historic town full of Roman ruins and medieval churches which has on display the unique Sea Organ and the Sun Salutation.
On Ok Ferry web site you can book ferries, vessels and hydrofoils of the Jadrolinija company. Jadrolinija ferries cover the routes from Italy to Croatia and vice versa. Jadrolinija ferries to Croatia are 36 and then the company has also 8 catamarans, 1 idrobus and classical ships that sail on many routes of the Adriatic Sea connecting Italy and Croatia between themselves and with numerous islands of the Croatian coast. The major routes covered by one of the Jadrolinija ferry are: Ancona-Zadar, Ancona-Split, Pescara-Split, Bari-Dubrovnik.

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