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Corsica is famous as a perfect spot for beach addict, divers and hikers. A great deal of long beaches and sandy stretches combined with the beauty of the mountains, plenty of them in this French island in the Meaditerranean Sea. West of Italy and north of the Italian island of Sardinia but also southeast of France, Corsica is pretty easy to reach. Corsicans people have at heart their island’s environment. Already in 1972 the Parc Naturel Régional de Corse (PNRC) was established, protecting more than one third of this amazing island. 
Also France is one of the best location to visit by ferries thanks to the mild weather in the coastal areas. The international jet-set goes on posh French retreats but there is a bit of all: funky nightlife, trebdy bars and Cafeterias in buzzing coastal resorts.

La Meridionale is a shipping company that operates on Corsica and Sardinia. The company is headquartered in France in the city of Marseille, initially worked in the freight transport sector but has then expanded the market of transport vehicles and passengers. 
Great trips ahead for each traveller that wants to go on board the company ships La Meridionale. Also the route to France will be as comfortable as drinking a bubbly cup of champagne! 
Here, inside the boats, there is all that is necessary for a pleasant trip: good food, friendly and available staff , a spacious deck and also the cinema. Traghettilines offers the service ticket for the ferry company La Meridionale, routes and schedules, and displays book conveniently online!

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