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A breeze of ancient culture will call you to the coastal shorels of Greece and remind you a story of incredible sun, night and days of relax and fun to spend free and happy.
Igoumenitsa is a lovely town and a very nice harbour located in north-west Greece, pretty easy to reach thanks to  the ferries of Minoan Lines company.
Patras is the third largest of Greece and a very important “door “ to get into the marvellous Greece: a large number of ferry trips are available from lots of destinations from Italy.
Corfu tells a story that traced back to  the origin of Greek. One of the most faremost islands, Corfu is worthy a visit for its hospitality, its sensational architectural structure and its great choice of restaurants, bars, cafes and monuments.
On Ok Ferry web site you can book the ferries of Minoan Lines company. This company connects, with its ships, Italy with Greece as well as managing the internal connection between Piraeus and the island of Crete. As for the routes between Italy and Greece Minoan is running the routes: Ancona-Igoumenitsa-Patras and Venice-Corfu-Igounmenitsa-Patras.

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