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Summertime is even sweeter if you taste the sea and the breeze on the bridge of a ferry, bringing you towards the treasures of Mediterrean area. If the ferries are belonging to Moby Line, quality and punctuality are ensured and ascribed to a fantastic journey.  A solution to fit all budgets and all needs!
Sardinia is waiting for you with its precious natural jewels such as Costa Smeralda while France is just close with its Costa Azzurra. 
Corsica with three third of its surface all made a natural park, is a real paradise for the lovers of nature and of untouched beaches and fundals. Elba is another fascinating destination that Moby Line can offer thanks to its higly trained staff and its good rates. Discover the Mediterrean fleur through its islands!
On Ok Ferry web site you can book ferries of Moby Lines company choosing between all the routes that it manages. Moby Lines is one of the Italian shipping companies sailing routes of the Tyrrhenian Sea, focusing especially on the routes from Genoa, Leghorn and Civitavecchia to Sardinia, Corsica and Elba. 
Ok Ferry carries out the ticket service of Moby Lines: select the desired destination, compare timetables, prices, availability and book ease directly online.

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With Moby Lines you can book ferries from / to the following destinations:



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