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The striking interest for Greece is not a casuality: the spirals of time and space seems to have been at peace inside the everlasting Greek horizon.

A sense of beauty that still lies inside the Parthenon, in Athens, in the stone washed villages along the coasts and inside the islands. To go from Greece to Italy and back Superfast Ferries are the right solutions for a swift and safe  trip.

High-standard ferries and top quality staff can satisfy your needs aboard.

Superfast Ferries Fleet and on board services

On OkFerry web site you can book ferries to Greece and Italy of the Superfast Ferries company, the routes covered by this operator are those to and from Greece, specifically between the Italian cities of Bari and Ancona and the Greek port of Igoumenitsa, Patras and Corfu.

To cover the routes the company has 5 ultra-modern ferries to transport vehicles and passengers.  Discover the great beauty of Greek main interesting Islands and start a journey back in time looking for the same sun and adamantin sea that Greek and Romans use to see

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