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If you want to travell and enjoy your vacations along the routes in the Tyrrhenian Sea the company Tirrenia is here to serve you! Just choose and pick up your destinations: from the posh Elba to marvellous Sardinia, from ever-sunny Sicily to the wild Corsica. 
Enter the realm of many beautiful natural areas so typical and infused with history and gastonomic delikatessen just with ine trio by ferry!
Tirrenia covers also many other routes like the one going to Tremiti Islands and to Albania, an almost unknown jewel in term of nature and coasts. Along the Ionian shores in the south of Albania there are many remote and untouched beaches.
Italian great landscape and Albanian crossroads and diverse cultural background are now at hand thanks to the professional services offered by Tirrenia and its crew.
On Ok Ferry web site you can book ferries of Tirrenia company choosing from all routes that the company manages. Display the prices of Tirrenia. Tirrenia is one of the Italian shipping companies sailing routes of the Tyrrhenian Sea, focusing especially on the routes from Genoa, Leghorn and Civitavecchia to Sardinia, Corsica and Elba. Ok Ferry make the booking of tickets for Tirrenia company: select the desired destination, compare timetables, prices, availability and book ease directly online.

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With Tirrenia you can book ferries from / to the following destinations:



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