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Need desperately a lovely time out from the daily crazyness of downtown? Did the city centre stress you out? Why don''t you think about take a bit of time for yourself and enjoy a trip on a ferry to an island?
On Ok Ferry web site you can book ferries of Trasmediterranea company, the routes covered by this operator are those to and from the Balearic Islands, Canary Islands and Morocco.
Security is fundamental for assuring a safe trip: those are the keywords of your successful experience together with a solid reputation: Trasmediterranea company is well-known for its security standard and highly trained staff to offer an trip worthy to remember.
Specifically, the main ports reachable are those of Barcelona and Ibiza, the port Minorca and Majorca. If you want to live to funny and enchanted night of Spanish “movida” changing easily mood and atmospheres a quick transfer with Trasmediterranea Ferries is what you need to beat the blue Monday. Flying to Spain and then moving around was never that easy with the aid of a focused and efficient ferries company!

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With Trasmediterranea you can book ferries from / to the following destinations:



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