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“Vedi Napoli e poi muori” (“After having seen Naples, then you can die”) is a sentence that explain greatly the explosions of beauty and sensations that naples gives to its visitors. Outdoor tables looking into a picturesque port, pizzerie and famous restaurant, Naples is at heart to all Italian foodies’ addicts. 
The cultural value of its monuments is undeniable: Naples'' fourth century cathedral shows the relics of San Gennaro and vials of his congealed blood. Superstitions, supernatural, site-specific installations by international artists, the poorest “quartieri” mixed with an aristocratic heritage contribute to make Naples contradictions unique!
Catania instead  is on the east-coast of Sicily and it is indeed the main economic, touristic, and educational hub in the island, where still the beaches are beautiful, the Etna volcano is close and the ice-cream is amazing!!!
On Ok Ferry you can check prices and book the ferries of TTTLines company. This society connect by sea the city of Naples and Catania with daily departures.

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