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 FerryCorto Maltese was born there, apparently: and who denies the charm of this Island during the centuries? The Malta Knights, the Malta Cross, spirituality, a long Christian legacy  and amazing weather conjured up to create a different atmosphere.
Malta is a great place to visit not only for the sea and the sun, but undoubtly for its rich culture, many attractions and all year round holiday activities, including 9 UNESCO World Heritage protected Sites and 7 Megalithic Temples (the oldest free-standing construction on the planet!).

A number of good-quality hotels an an increasing health tourism providers garantuee an extra reasons to get there.

On Ok Ferry web site you can book ferries of VirtuFerries company. This company connects the island of Malta with Sicily, to be more precis, carries out connection service on the route Malta-Pozzallo, Malta-Catania and vice versa of course.

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