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Ferry Savona Calvi

To reach Corsica from Italy and vice versa, it is very easy and fast with your booking online system on OK-Ferry, for a low-cost crossing with departures from/to Savona-Calvi.

Savona is a buzzing harbour in Liguria and a very interesting town: still standing its old 4 towers (the Campanassa, the towers Corsi and Riario, called also "Ghibelline Tower", and Torre della Quarda -known as "a Torretta"). The fortress named Priamar is beautiful sight on the "Promontorio del Priamar", not to mention the 'Columbus's house', a cottage in the Savona hills and one of many residences in Liguria connected with Columbus.

Calvi started off as a military base but it is called today the Côte d’Azur of Corsica. The luxury resort, the glam marina, the many souvenir shops and boutiques here co-exist with the rustic villages of its inland. In Calvi you will find great restaurants and cafés on the quai Landry, a large seafront walkway which connects the marina to the port. The old town is stunning with its citadelle and its towers dominating the sea. Lovely the view from the boat while reaching Calvi’s shore.

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