Ferries Cavo Piombino

Ferries Cavo Piombino

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Italian crossing sees Piombino-Cavo as chosen destinations to enter respectevely Tuscany and the Island of Elba.

The ancient Falesia in Roman age stands nowadays known as Piombino is a fantastic gate to explore both Tuscany and Maremma area.
Piazza Bovio offers an amazing view as well as the old port where to dine in the colourful and tasty restaurants, wine bars and taverns.
Piombino was also called "Little Paris”: ruled by Elisa Bonaparte it reached its utmost grace. The town is also famous for the Middle Ages and magnificent Renaissance buildings. Beautiful are Rivellino, the Palazzo Nuovo, and the 16th century castle built by Cesare Borgia.

Cavo, located in the  area of the beautiful Island of Elba, is a small port, with surroundings full of sunny beaches. It is part of the municipality of Rio Marina and its orgin sprung up from the Roman period. In medieval time the location was called Caput Sancti Mannati de Ilba. Giuseppe Garibaldi on his trip to the island of Caprera stopped also here.

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