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Ferry Naples Stromboli

Naples always stirs emotions linked to its beauty and bohemien atmosphere. The Royal Palace here is stunning, the city's underground escavations reveas treseaure of spititual magnitudo the Cappella San Severo stores the unmissable Veiled Christ. Great chaos in a charming, unforgettable city: “see naples and then you could die!”.

The volcano of Stromboli and its island has been  known since antiquity for its continuous eruptive activity, today is seemingly quiet, while hidden in its bowels a swirl continuously stirs. The repeated and constant eruptions of the volcano in Stromboli are always accompanied by the emission of bombs and lapilli that, during the night, give life to a real fireworks show on the island.

On Ok Ferry website is easy the booking process online for you. The most famous shipping companies operates ships, ferries and hydrofoils to/from Naples-Stromboli.

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