Ferries Reggio Calabria Panarea

Ferries Reggio Calabria Panarea

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Reggio Calabria-Panarea

Wishing to go to and from Calabria /Sicily? Just book on OK-Ferry a low-cost trip using the connections with departures from/to Reggio Calabria-Panarea.

In Reggio Calabria is Via Marina that you can enjoy: a beautiful view of Messina and Etna is available and it is always pretty crowded with local young people. Very nice also the large statues of men in different positions. A few kilometers from Reggio Calabria is Scylla, a small village close to the sea, which has always been loved by both tourists and artists. The name of the town is linked to mythology, with the legend of Scylla and Charybdis. Furthermore, visit the Aspromonte National Park which covers the southern part of Calabria and has already reacheable in about 30 km from the city.

Panarea was anciently called Euonymos, but the actual name derives from Panaraia (“all disjointed”). The island that exists today, is a small part of what once existed, as a part of it sank following a violent volcanic eruption. The island in the winter has just over 300 inhabitants, but in summer it is all a buzz: shops, bars, restaurants, a nightclub that is among the most famous in the Mediterranean and Aeolian Archipelago.


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