Ferries Reggio Calabria Stromboli

Ferries Reggio Calabria Stromboli

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Reggio Calabria-Stromboli

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What characterizes the city of Reggio Calabria is definitely the presence of the famous Riace bronzes, meaning statues portraying human bodies, but larger than normal. The Promenade of Reggio Calabria, dedicated to the mayor of the "spring of Reggio", Italo Falcomatà, is one of the most famous streets of the city. For lovers of archeology and archaic era you must visit the important Museo Nazionale di Reggio Calabria, a museum located in the centre of one of the largest cities of Calabria.

Stromboli is an active volcano belonging Aeolian Archipelago. The island is the northernmost of the Aeolian. Jules Verne has set here the conclusion of its famous novel “Journey to the Center of the Earth” (1864). Today the main villages are San Vincenzo (or simply the village of Stromboli) with the historic landing of Scari, Piscità and Ficogrande. To the southwest there is Ginostra where in winter there are about 30 or 40 people, only accessible by sea, here the only transport is...the mule!

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