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Ferry Reggio Calabria Vulcano

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The Cathedral of Reggio Calabria (Cathedral Basilica of Holy Mary of the Assumption) is located in the central Piazza Duomo and is the largest religious building in the region, The Aragonese Castle is one of the symbols of the city and also one of the most well-known to those who is about to visit. Today the castle is home to a museum. The Villa Comunale in Reggio Calabria, whose "official" name is Villa Umberto I, is one of the green spaces that can be found walking around the city thrived.

Vulcano is the island that refers to that ideal man's relationship with itsself, the need to be fully part of nature. Not surprisingly, you can enjoy here the benefits of thermal waters and sulfur waters. The beaches are really nice, clean, some free and some well equipped with facilities that offer priced accordingly.

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