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Ferry Bari Igoumenitsa

To reach Greece from Italy and vice versa is very easy and fast booking online on OK-Ferry for a low-cost crossing with departures from/to Bari-Igoumenitsa.

Bari beats in its historic centre. This port is enclosed by medieval walls and inside you will discover churches, theatres, squares and very middle-ages style narrow streets. The Basilica di San Nicola stands still as a top attraction, together with the Romanasque-Baroque Cathedral (17th century). To visit also worth the Castello Svevo.

An important coastal city in northwestern Greece, Igoumenitsa is the capital of the Prefecture of Thesprotia. Its ancient name was Titani. Wild beaches and clear waters on the coast paved the way to lovely green mountains surrounding the city. The new 670km highway links the entire northern Greece. Igoumenitsa is in this respect called the gate of Epirus.

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