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Ferries Catania Malta

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With the name of Katane, Catania was one of the first Greek colonies in Sicily, founded in sec. VIII A.C. It was conquered by the Romans in 263 BC and the imposing architectural remains of the Augustan period shows its prosperity. After Byzantine rule passed to the Arab in sec. IX, then the Normans came. The Aragonese period marked a revival of the city, which often host the court. The Aragonese also founded the first university on the island.

Discover Malta, the pearl of the Mediterranean with its beautiful archipelago that will reveal the treasures of ancient civilization and cultural contamination.

The archipelago of Malta is in southern European Union that is located about 90 km off the southeastern coast of Sicily and form, together with the islands of Pantelleria and Lampedusa, the triangle of Mediterranean islands between the Italian coast and that of Tunisia. It consists of the islands of Malta, Gozo, the island of Comino and other minor ones. There are many architectural treasures, cultural, culinary and landscape of Malta. The coasts are generally high and rocky, and alternate with some spectacular sandy beaches, characterized by clear waters and deep coves and natural caves.

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