Ferries Algeciras Tangiers

Ferries Algeciras Tangiers

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Algeciras-Tangiers Med

To reach Tangeri from Algeciras and vice versa is very easy and fast booking online on OK-Ferry for a low-cost crossing with departures from/to Algeciras-Tangeri.

On the opposite side of the bay of Gibraltar is Algeciras, an important industrial city and the main port for connections between Spain and Africa. The Arab influence is very strong here; so much to be found in the alleys of the town traditional tea shops. Full of excellent restaurants, located in the oldest district of San Isidoro, with its steep and narrow streets and the main square, Plaza Alta, surrounded by palm trees and with two beautiful churches, Algeciras is still a gritty place where magnificent views of the nearby Rock of Gibraltar.

The modern Tangieri is called New Town: it is an area full of modern buildings and beautiful panoramic views of the bay and harbor. The modern boulevard Pasteur means luxury boutiques, hotels and famous buildings of European architecture.
There are many museums that are worth a visit to Tangier: starting with the Museum of Antiquities, located near the Sultan's Palace, which houses inside beautiful mosaics and bronze statues. Unmissable the Museum of Moroccan Arts, located inside the Medina, which exhibits textiles, jewelery, leather goods, brass and copper.

A few kilometers away from Tangier, you can visit an archaeological site of immense value known as the "Caves of Hercules".

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