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From the Phoenicians to the War of Independence through the Roman and Ottoman rulers, Algieri encompasses millennia of history to be discovered step by step. To the dunes of the Great Western Erg and breathtaking landscapes of Tassili n'Ajjer which pave the way towards the Sahara, Algeri continues to make us dream.

The city of Algeri, in the lower part, was completely rebuilt by the French during the colonial period. This gave birth to the districts for the administration and the "good life" for gentlemen. You can admire the theaters, the Palace of Justice and the casino.
The roads here are different from the rest of the city, reminiscent of the Parisian boulevards, are wide and tree-lined. The rest of the city is a succession of white palaces. Among them can not really go unnoticed the El-Aurassi.

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