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To reach Cadiz is very easy and fast booking online on OK-Ferry for a low-cost crossing with departures from/to its port.

Cadiz is located on the Costa de la Luz in Spain and boasts an ancient historical background tracing back to Romans and Moors. From here it origineted the flow of people and goods to and fro the newly discovered lands of today’s South America. This small city has indeed beautiful beaches and luxurious pine forests where you can gaze the African coastline.

With Ok-Ferry the booking system is easy: in just a few steps you can find all the information about times, prices, routes, ports and availability of the shipping companies operating ferries, ships, hydrofoils to/from Cadiz.

By Ok-ferry you can book with ships and ferries to / from Cadiz. Select the route you want and you will be brought on the page from which you make your reservation.



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