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Filicudi (ancient Phoenicusa) is the island of the Aeolian groups geologically older and the second westernmost island of the archipelago (after Alicudi), located about 24 miles west of Lipari.

It is dominated by Mount Fossa Felci, an extinct volcano 774 m high. Besides it, there are a total of seven others volcanoes, all turned off for a long time, and  strongly corroded by erosion. The population, about 250 inhabitants (which become 3000 in the summer season), is distributed between the centers of Filicudi Porto, Valdichiesa and Pecorini Mare, connected by the only paved road on the island and a dense network of trails.
A nightclub is located at the center of the island. The resort of Stimpagnato, in the southeast of the island, is only inhabited by tourists during the summer.

The connections are mainly by ferries and hydrofoils daily from Milazzo. From other ports there are seasonal connections to check on tthe website.

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