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The Island of Giglio is part of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park: an incredible adventure in the wild you can make as it lies uninhabited for 90% of its area. You can reach the island from Tuscany both by ferry and ship.

Here flora and fauna are the king and queen of this land: Giglio is worthy to visit in Spring, and it is located on a very short distance off the coast of Tuscany. The promontory of Franco is made by limestone and Palaeozoic quartzite instead of granite as you can find in the rest of the isle. The highlight stack here is the astonishing Faraglione of Campese.
If you reach the very top of Poggio della Pagana (around 1500 feet), you could enjoy a spectacular sightseeing of the coast and of the other islands in the Tuscan archipelago.    

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