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A fab location very easy to reach from Greece and Italy, is a dream land for many tourists.

Mythology tells that the three giants Phoebos, Kinnas Kios fled to Kos after they were defeated in the great battle between the Gods and the Titans. Hercules has been here for some time at the end of his famous 12th labors. The island of Kos has always been rich, since ancient times, with a long painful period of slavery under the Turks. The fertile soil has been developed in the island into wine grapes, wheat, fruit and olives.The famous island of Hippocrates is today one of the Greek island with the hottest nightlife, but Kos also has much more to offer to the visitors. Green and fertile, Kos is an island of many facets, from a quiet beach to a village where the pace is slow instead of the frantic night consumed in the many bars and clubs scattered around.  A blissful adventure of taste and senses is Kos!

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