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Built over the sea, Piombino has always been a naval base since the Roman period.
Located on the coastal line of Tuscany close to Maremma area. It is well-known for the old port and the frantic fishing port with restaurants, wine bars and taverns. Strongly adviced as a main baccalà and potatoes, the Tuscan fish stew called caciucco, and mussels dishes.
From the port of Piombino departes and arrives the ferries of the major shipping lines direct to the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago, as well as those to Sardinia and Corsica.

Elba Island is very close from here: it is only 10km from the coast.
The main Medieval and Reiinnassance highlights in Piombino are the Co-Cathedral of Sant''Antimo (1377) originally dedicated to St. Michael and in Pisane-Gothic style, which houses the works by Andrea Guardi. The Torrione and the Rivellino are the walls’ Tower-Gate complex. The Cassero Pisano is divided into the Fortress, built under Cosimo I de'' Medici (1552–53), and the Cassero, meaning the castle, (late 15th century) used as military prison until 1959. The castle and the Medicean fortress is located on the opposite side of Piazza Bovio, the most beautiful viewpoint in town.

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