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Porto Torres

To reach Sardinia and discover many interesting locations in the Thyrrean sea, you can choose the reliable and affordable Italian sailing firms on OK-Ferry’s website.

Porto Torres has an ancient history: its port sits on old Roman foundations and a beautiful Aragonese Tower welcomes you to the entrance of the port. The three-naved Basilica of San Gavino (11th century) inside the town is the largest Romanesque church in Sardinia. Amazing also the Neolithic necropolis of Su Crocifissu Mannu and Li Lioni, which can shade some light on forgotten eras. In the surroundings,the mistery of the Nuraghe of la Camusina, Li Pedriazzi, Margone and Minciaredda is stil to unravel.

By Ok-ferry you can book with ships and ferries to / from Porto Torres: select the route you want and you will be brought on the page from which you make your reservation. Enjoy your trip.

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