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Rodi Garganico

Rodi Garganico is a village of ancient seafaring traditions close to the Adriatic Sea and is situated on a high cliff and brackish nestled in lush greenery of olive groves and citrus orchards that includes all the tourist facilities.

The stretch of sea in the Gargano affecting the coast guarantee safety for beginners to swimming, particularly for families with their children and teens who decide to spend their holiday in Rodi Garganico Puglia.

In this beautiful town swallows and seagulls animate the blue sky with their magnificent flights. The murmur of the sea of ​​Puglia crash on the beaches and coves of the coast of the Gargano. The chirping of the swallows that animate the sky with their flight match with the heady scent of orange blossoms wafting in the streets of the city.

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