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Tremiti is a unique Italian Adriatic archipelago, the quakes are made up of five islands (San Domino, the most popular, San Nicola, historical and administrative centre, Capraia, Cretaccio, Pianosa) and some rocks of modest dimensions.
The Sea Islands Tremiti develop a total area of ​​about 3 square kilometers. The only inhabited islands are San Nicola and San Domino with a population of about 350 inhabitants, making the town the smallest of Puglia but, probably, the most famous from the point for tourism, as demonstrated by the residences of many VIPs.

The Tremiti Islands archipelago is a small corner of paradise, where the clarity of the sea, the seabed colorful and clean, pleasant climate, clean air, lush vegetation, unspoiled nature, the coasts of open bays and caves suggestive create zones of an ethereal beauty which no lover of the sea and nature should resist. This extraordinary sanctuary of nature was awarded the recognition, as ever deserved, of Blue Flag.

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