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To reach Croatia you can book on OK-Ferry a low-cost trip with departures from/to the port of Umago. The Croatian door to Europe and to the northern part of the Adriatic coast welcomes you warmly and it is reachable every day by ferry.

Umago (Umag in Croatian)  is a lovely small coastal city in Istria, Croatia. Its historical heart comes from the Middle Ages, with its wall remains, Venetian grand villas and narrow streets. The oldest building here is the west tower, now hosting the Museum of Umag. A beautiful starting point to get to know Croatia, so lovely that understandably Umag was a retirement place for old royal families’ members.

By Ok-ferry you can book with ships and ferries to / from Umago: select the route you want and you will be brought on the page from which you make your reservation. Enjoy your trip.

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