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Passengers booking with us have the possibility of writing a review about our website and our customer service. In this section we publish the opinions and comments that our customers shared on Ok-ferry.


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Easy to read and make reservations

difficult to figure out about the car reservation, because I don´t know which brand and size of car I will rent

Ok-Ferry replies:

Dear Customer, we inform you that, you have write correct "rent" as numberplate. You have to communicate to the ticket office on the Pier the right number plate. Best regards Staff Ok-Ferry

Getting the tickets was very easy and the website is user easy.

Perfect way of booking ferry. So easy and well organized.

Fast and easy reservation...

Very easy to navigate.

Your homepage is easy and convenient to book a ticket to and from Capri.  good.

Yes, they helped to me book the ferry tickets on behalf of our guest as we are from Travel company. And will surely give our feedback after our guest trip.

Very easy way to book a ticket

Fast response when I feedback that I was received a shortage voucher.

The service was quick and easy but it does not let you know before you buy the tickets that you need to print out the ticket before arrival. As we are travelling that is impossible to do. It would be beneficial if you made this clear before the transaction is completed or accepted email evidence of the tickets.

Easy and excellent

great simple on line ordering and fulfilment. good range of services also

We have only just booked so it is too early for us to have much of an opinion but so far so good

Ok-Ferry replies:

Dear Customer, we kindly inform you that, as centre of booking reservation, we wish to receive a feedback only for our ticket reservation service. All the notices about the trip are attributable above the company of navigation. Kind regards, The staff of Ok-Ferry

Very easy to navigate and book desired tickets.

Online booking was fast and seemless

Easy to use & prompt.

very efficient

This booking experience was excellent. It was well organized and easy to follow and understand.

The service is good, I did miss some definitions while making the reservation. What exactly is extra luggage and what makes it extra compared to ordinary luggage? Also - how long a time before departure do I need to be at the ferry? It turns out passengers have to be at the ticket office 30 minutes before departure, which I did not realise while determining the departure times.

Ok-Ferry replies:

Dear customer, we kindly inform that on the ticket's price is included one luggage. Any luggage bigger then the standard measures or any other luggage would be considered as an "extra luggage". In the case that you should add an extra luggage once the ticket has been issued, you can buy the extra luggage at the port. We inform you that you can find all information for to get on board, on the Voucher of the Ferry Company. Best regards, Ok-Ferry staff.

Very easy to make the reservation!

Very good 👍🏽. Fast and easy

Easy to book!! And rapid receipt of ticket vouchers.

very pleased with the service; it was straightforward and went through smoothly and quickly

The data you entered disapierd if you tape wrong on the end, you have to enter all data again, I did itz 3 times. IN the mail with tickets there are only return tickets Bastia -. Livorno. ONgoing tickets are missig. Vojko

Ok-Ferry replies:

Dear Customer, we thank you for your feedback but you can inform you that you recived on your email the tickets for the round trip. Best regards. The Staff of Ok-Ferry

Easy online booking. Information was clear and user friendly.

excellent website, fast and easy to manuever, fast response.

It was very easy and efficient to book with the company. I experienced no problems.

Quick, accurate, helpful and friendly. Top marks.

Easy to use service online

Excellent. Very straight-forward.

Very easy to use and will definitely use again! Can be confusing making travel arrangements in a foreign country but this was straightforward. Thanks for relieving some stress.

Excellent service. Easy website and a call back when my email address bounced. Above and beyond, thank you. Ian Carr

I thought I was getting my tickets. Didn't know I still have to go agent and get my ticket! Why did I get it on line? Thought go straight to boat. I would have gotten the tickets day going. If I get there late can I get next boat? Confusing.

Ok-Ferry replies:

Dear customer unfortunately several naval companies did not entail the issue of an e- ticket ready for the embarcation, but a voucher that should be converted at the ticket office before the departure. The utility of buying a voucher on line is to make sure the availability of the choosen departure time and do not have a risk to not find a place for that departure once at port. We kindly inform you that with voucher you recieved you will be not able to take the next ferry. . Thank you, Ok-Ferry staff

Easy to use! Efficient

We travel a lot and sometimes transportation websites are difficult to understand. This website could not have been any easier to use, thank you!!

I put the wrong date on our original booking, 14/09/17 - Ischia-Sorrento-. wrote 3 times to reuqest a change to 17/09/17, same time, 10:35. I have had no response, and have had to go ahead and book another ferry on 17/09. I am extremely dissatisfied with your lack of response. I will not pay for the double booking. Please improve your service to passengers. Segnore Professore Chernick

Ok-Ferry replies:

Dear customer, we thank you for your review and we inform you that we recieved your cancellation request. We will provide with a partial refund of your reservation. Best regards Ok-Ferry Staff

Website easy to navigate, excellent service, prompt response

Service is fast, easy and efficient

Very content.

so far so good. Haven't left yet. we shall see how my departure goes.

I'll ride again.

Booking fee of €5 is to high ,you have a monopoly so you have no choice but to book with you

Ok-Ferry replies:

Dear customer, we thank you for your feedback. We remind you that our booking fees are applied to support the running costs because Ok-Ferry is an intermediary between the ferry company and the customer. This fee also permits us to have an available staff 7 days out of 7 always ready to respond to every necessity of our customer, at any time. We are available for further questions and information Best regards The staff of Ok-Ferry

quick and easy

Very clear and easy to make the reservations.

Availability request straight forward and easy to access. Very easy booking process with only the essential questions to answer. Super quick confirmation and I've already received my tickets - all in about 20 minutes. And I'm located on the other side of the world in New Zealand!! Very easy and impressive. Thank you!!

It is a very good ans expedite service. Very user friendly.

A quick and direct process of booking, with all data well explained and keeping measures of security during using credit card for the reservation.

Fast, clear and client-friendly service

Fast,easy and efficient service. Highly recommend