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Reviews, opinions and comments of ok-ferry customers

Passengers booking with us have the possibility of writing a review about our website and our customer service. In this section we publish the opinions and comments that our customers shared on Ok-ferry.


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Straight forward service

Great, easy and quick!

I am the type of person who does not like to hunt for information. This website was very easy to navigate and I got my tickets extremely fast. The only thing I wish there had been an information box was where it asked about extra luggage....I was not sure if extra luggage meant more than 1 carry on, so I just assumed it did, and paid for 1 extra bag per person. Thank you!

perfect for people who wants to avoid queues

Excellent. Service is fast and efficient. Definitely would use ok ferry again.

The online booking service is very good. However, the last time I booked we could not board with the document we received by email - we had to exchange it in the ferry ticket office for boarding passes. This is a little bit frustrating as it would be easier to board immediately with the electronic document. Apart from that, no problems whatsoever.

Ok-Ferry replies:

Dear Customer, we kindly inform you that on the voucher we have sent by email is reported the notice "Mandatory collection of the boarding pass at the port ticket office at least 15 minutes before departure". Best regards, the Staff of Ok-Ferry

good service easy to book. No problem with tickets by e mail

Perfect Service

Good online

Easy and quick.

Very efficient booking service - however, the names of the ports is very confusing to a foreigner.

Ok-Ferry replies:

Dear Customer, in our booking summary we have included the exact address of the port of departure in order to facilitate the check-in and boarding procedures. Best regards, the Staff of Ok-Ferry

I have a hard time for about a week now trying to booked the Sun & Holiday only return from Capri to Naples at 18:40- but when i tried to book it would not display this time - Also I was trying to find out if the 11:05 from Salerno to Capri does in fact stop at Amalfi as it shows on the schedule but not when you go to purchase the tickets- I did send an email a few days ago but never heard back

Very good service. Grazie Mille

Easy but much more expensive than direct

Very easy to book online!

Simple and easy to book

E' stato un piacere acquistare i biglietti oneline, mi auguro di trovare lo stesso servizio, facile e veloce, anche all'imbarco. Grazie.

Excellent service!

Very attentive to a Canadian that doesn't know anything about your service

Very easy service to use and excited for this trip.

Your service was very easy and quick to arrange and purchase the tickets for my trip. Outstanding thanks Dale

Actually worked very well. I am renting a car so have no idea what it will be which made it hard to answer questions to get tickets. Also. Said you were sending tickets via email. I received some but across the top it says "not valid for boarding" so not sure what that means. We will see in a month but the plan worked very well

Ok-Ferry replies:

Dear Customer,
you have first received the booking summary which is not valid for boarding but we have also sent you the voucher you are required to print out and show at the ticket office before departure in order to collect the boarding pass.Best regards, the Staff of Ok-Ferry

the service is excellent and very easy to use.. I would definitely recommend OK Ferry. It is much easier coming from the United States to have the ticket already printed. Very good service.

DIY - Easy to navigate the website, review the schedule and book the tickets!

Everything was easy to use. Quick service.

Fast and easy. Condition are to strickly when changing timeschedule 10 days in advanced.

This booking service is very easy to use. I think the €16 booking fee is well work the expense to be able to work in English. I hope the ferry line is as efficient.

I originally attempted to book a Ferry with the website. I gave all the details on the 19/8 at 07:24 and believed that I had booked the ferry as I received a an email confirmation. At 21:37 on the 19/8 I received an email telling me that the ferry was unavailable. I then booked the same arrangements with your website and in a few minutes I had the tickets amazing service.

I booked twice in 2 days. The first time, i received the confirmation text but never the e-mail. I went to the ticket office snd he didn't find me on the computer. Then he finally gave me a ticket that wasn't the feparture time I choose and that boat was already gone! So I went back to ask for the right ticket and the right time and it was ok. The second time it was all good.

Ok-Ferry replies:

Dear Customer, we kindly inform you we have sent both tickets to the provided email address. Please send us an email to better explain what happened. Kind regards, the Staff of Ok-Ferry

great staff and easy to use service

Simple and informative to book on line

easy and safe

excellent service and extremely easy to book!!!!

Very good

The service is very good, however a summary of the purchase on each page would be good to assure the customer that they are purchasing the correct ticket.

The experience is certainly good.. but I'd suggest a small change in the software - please see that ANY incomplete information prevents the page from moving forward. For example, I overlooked and inadvertantly forgot to add the second passenger's name - yet the booking progressed as if nothing happened !!

Your website is easy to understand and the transaction went smoothly. I hope that the actual experience with the ferry goes so well!

I was very impresssed by the service of OK Ferry. I ordered and paid for my tickets and in less than 15 minutes, the tickets were delivered to my email. Good Job. I am a travel agent, so I will have to keep this in mind for clients for the future.

Quick, easy and lots of options. A++

Quick and easy

Smooth sailing during my booking😉🇮🇹

Very pleased with ur service

Excellent transaction, easily used, thank you!

Booking was fast and easy. If everything goes as planned, it will be a great experience. I have booked 2 months ahead.

The communication is good and prompt but we have no tickets attached?

Ok-Ferry replies:

Dear Customer, we kindly inform you we have just forwarded your tickets by email once again. Thank you, the Staff of Ok-Ferry

very accessible page, unhandy when you want to change place,day and hour of departure that you have to reinfill all the data

When I got to the ferry, the crew would not accept the ticket I printed out that I received from you. They said I had to go to the ticket window to exchange it for a ticket. The email clearly said these were tickets. On the page I printed, it said "hand this to the crew member". No where did it say I had to stand in line to exchange it for a real ticket. I almost missed my ferry in line.

Ok-Ferry replies:

Dear Customer, as reported on the voucher "it is mandatory to perform the check-in at the port offices". This notice is marked on the voucher below the tarif's detail. Thank you, the Staff of Ok-Ferry

Very pleased with service and website was easy to manoeuvre

best service and hight qualyti

Everything was handled quickly. Notifications were received promptly. The only difficulty was my credit card company which initially blocked the transactions since they were an international purchase. Once I gave my credit card company the go-ahead, the tickets were received promptly! Correspondence was prompt and the person with whom I dealt was courteous and professional.