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Reviews, opinions and comments of ok-ferry customers

Passengers booking with us have the possibility of writing a review about our website and our customer service. In this section we publish the opinions and comments that our customers shared on Ok-ferry.


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Pollice su recensioni 98% of our customers recommend our service to their friends.

There is a problem to get back to payment phase in the booking if you cannot succeed. Bu the staff is quite helpful with online questions.

Valentina was incredibly responsive and helpful!

Very good

Very simple service to use for booking.

excellent web site, easy to navigate, translation is perfect. i hope the journey is safe and quick


The website is very good and booking was easy. I did have a question and they emailed me right away. Just know that they send you a voucher that you need to redeem at the Port Office to receive your tickets at least 30 minutes before the ferry departs.

It is so easy to book our ferry tickets online. No trying to figure it out when we get there.



Found it easy to navigate (excuse pun). However think it would be nice if it could display the type of boat being used (ferry/slow ferry/hydrofoil) as I could only gauge this by the time taken for the crossing.

Ok-Ferry replies:

Dear Customer, thank you for your review. We kindly inform you that when booking online you have the chance to understand if the carrier is a ferry or hydrofoil simply by the icon next to the departure time: if the icon is a car with a red X, it means it's a hydrofoil. For further information please contact us at +39 0565912191. The Staff of Ok-Ferry

Very efficient and friendly website!

The booking service was very easy to use. There are many trips to choose from. In my case it was Sorrento to Capri and back. The payment was simple and confirmation of the booking plus tickets emailed as pdfs immediately. I've printed everything off and now look forward to our day on Capri.

Good pricez and srldction. Eady to us. Confirmation and tickets came by email without a problem.

it need more language this page. How about chinese?

Ok-Ferry replies:

Dear customer, we kindly inform you that on our website you have the possibility to choose between more languages such as italian, english, german, french or spanish. We thank you for your feedback. Thank you - Staff of Ok Ferry

Fast service, easy to use site, only problem was that it shows ferries with the company sauve but they do not exist after u click on them, maybe a technical problem that needs to be fixed

Been taking ferrys from Hongkong , Macao , Greece and now my first time in Italy wrote the hour wrong and got back to your company within the first 15 minutes - been asked for a 15 euros difference for adjustment :) , it's not the money but the idea . Unfortunately this is no service but a rip off and I will make sure to be first and last time .

Ok-Ferry replies:

Dear Customer, we apologize for your negative review, we kindly inform you that, as a reservation center, we must observe terms and conditions of the ferry company to modify a ticket. We remain at your disposal for any further information, the Staff of Ok-ferry

The website is super clear. Very easy to find the perfect date/time schedule. Pricing for ferry is fair and clear. In 5min booked and received tickets! Thank you!

Good website. Easy to book and prompt in sending the tickets.

Excellent, easy to understand and use online.

The website was very informative and it was very easy to book the ferry tickets. Thank you!

very giood

The process was very simple. However, my nationality is listed as IT when I'm actually American. I didn't see a box where you asked for my nationality. I hope this will not be a problem when I board.

Ok-Ferry replies:

Dear Customer, we confirm nationality is not relevant for boarding. Best regards, the Staff of Ok-Ferry

OK Ferry, The ferry's booking center was so easy to book and faster. Thank you for all your service Ana

Easy acces , user friendly interface, fast. Excellent. 5 stars !

Booked tickets online and received them via email within a few hours. Great Service!

Easy to use, easy to pay. Recommended!

Quick, easy and accurate.

Booked our 3rd ferry for July and found OK Ferry to be the best website.

Very good website and easy to follow. Booking made without any problems. Tickets were emailed promptly. Thank you.

Fast and safe

Easy to book through this service and prompt receipt of tickets

I was a little nervous making a reservation overseas from the United States. Things seam to go smoothe and easy. Only info on the site that I was not able to find was if any baggage was included in the price.

Ok-Ferry replies:

Dear Customer, we kindly inform you that every ticket includes a hand luggage per person. Any additional baggage, or any baggage of larger dimensions, must be add as "extra luggage". We remind you that, during the online reservation , our contact details are Always desplayed to receive the necessary assistance. We also inform you that you can add and buy tickets for extra luggages even directly at the port before departure. Best regards, the Staff of Ok-Ferry

Actually it was fun and VERY easy to book a ride with OKFerry!! Can't wait to take our ride from Salerno to Amalfi on board one of your ferries. See you in September!!

Service was very good and easy to purchase tickets

Everything was very clear. It was extremely easy to use. And the detailed information about our trip at the end was very useful.

easy to book, had no problems while booking.

Service was excellent. The credit card wouldn't go thru the first time so they held my reservation for 3 days while I got a new card from clients. I appreciated that. Thanks.

The reservations were easy and we got the tickets via email almost immediately. Great service! Thank you.

I found this online service easy to use with good explanation. It was to the point, quick, and one gets the email with tickets rapidly.

The website is very user friendly and booking the reservation is easy.

Very good!

Fantastic, easy to use web booking!

Good - easy, fast

Very nice and cordial person

Extremely efficient; thank you!!

Great service.

I had a problem with your computer program : there was the message ERROR on your site after I has written my bank data two times (my two attempts of reservation). It was very nerves for me because of my bank data. Finally your service sent me an information and I was able to cancel one of it and all is OK now. I think to improve the program. Your office worker is OK.

My tickets are written in Italian, I can't read them. Would like it in English. So, I am not sure if my tickets are correct, etc. Thank you!

Ok-Ferry replies:

Dear Customer, we kindly inform you that the ferry company only issues vouchers in its own language, we cannot modify this document. In order to have more information about your ticket, please contact us. Thank you, the Staff of Ok-Ferry

all went perfectly