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Excellent and simple. I really appreciated that there were no annoying "flash" images or other distracting things.

I like an email immedialtly.

Ok-Ferry replies:

Dear Customer,
following a double check of our system your tickets turn out to be successfully sent. Should you need any further information or assistance please contact us via email or call us +39(0)565912191.
Thank you and best regards, Ok-Ferry Staff

Very good!

great service. on line booking very easy and tickets arrived via email within an hour. Thank you.

The reservation was easy and the confirmation came quickly, however my only three stars are only three because I noticed that the web page where the credit card details were written, was not a secured page, which is always something to be very cautious about. I took the risk and so far so good, but generally I would not advise anyone to do it...! Thank you!

Booking was very easy

Easy to use

Seems fine. The real test is @ Napoli Beverello!

Der Buchungsservice war sehr gut. Bei meiner Nachbuchung einer Person wurde mir geholfen und ich konnte auch telefonisch, in gutem Deutsch, eine Auskunft erhalten, Zahlungsportal mit Visa war kein Problem, das Ticket kam eine Minute später per Mail, bestens, sehr empfehlenswert freundliche Grüße Peter

As Mr. Sarda's Travel Agent, I will certainly use you in the future. You gave prompt exceptional service. Thank You! Stacy Menzie

Best ever service !!!

Booking was straightforward and responses prompt. Thankyou

very good customer service through email exchanges


Great service and excellent followup and documentation


Ticket service was fine. I made the reservation on line and received the emailed tickets the next day. Trip isn't for a few weeks so I haven't used the tickets yet.

Very efficient service. There was a problem with the opening of the pdf file containing the tickets, but that was resolved immediately after I notified the company of this.

Fast and easy :)

since the nationality and gender are irrelevant in the booking, the conifrmation page can erase this info, so we don't have to crosscheck with the company. also booking with credit card can be done in one go, rather than separately.

Great !!!

It is very nice to be able to purchase tickets online.

OK procedure

Easy to use and very quick turnaround.

The booking procedure was quick , convenient and simple. Only one thing was missing that our nationalities not listed on your website : HUNGARY. Please, improving it, if it possible! We are waiting for our tour at ITALY!!!Have a nice day!

Not impressed yet....Wrong Tickets delivered and I replied to Email but has not been rectified yet. Nationality incorrect on Ticket, Male / Female Incorrect

Ok-Ferry replies:

Dear Customer,
we apologize for this inconvenience, we have sent once again your tickets to your email address. Regarding nationality and gender of the passengers, we confirm this data is not relevant for boarding.
Thank you and best regards, Ok-Ferry Staff

Everything smooth and easy to use! Tickets came through straight away. Thanks!

very easy and very good

It is the worst and bad experience I ever had ordering a simple one way ticket from Capri to Napoli. It took you more than 7 hours to proceed this simple task. Normally I order flights to all over the world and within 1 minute I have a confirmation and a ticket! You treat this task as if I were to apply for a loan at the bank or something. Stupid! Just stupid! And above all: you charge me 10€ !

Ok-Ferry replies:

Dear Customer,
we apologize for the inconvenience, unfortunately it was impossible to contact the server of the ferry company to confirm immediately your ticket. Once the server has been activated again we have completed your booking request and sent the ticket by mail.
Thank you and best regards, Ok-Ferry staff

Very easy to use

Fast and efficient. NB The system classifies all passengers as Italian and male. Gender and nationality are not important for boarding

fast and easy

Very clear information and extremely efficient customer service

User friendly and easy to use. Received payment confirmation and tickets on email at once after transmittal.

I had to type some things, like the names of the family a couple of times.

This was not a good experience . Your instructions originally said p get the tickets at the ticket office which made me wait 25 minutes to get the printed tickets when it would've been faster for me to get them on site and not pay a booking fee. The point was to save time and it ended up being more money more time and a not so pleasant experience . I would say no point of paying extra $10 !!

Ok-Ferry replies:

Dear Customer,
the ferry company requires the original ticket to access the boarding, the ticket must be collected at the ticket office of the port before departure. The reservation is helpful to secure a place on the ferry, in order not to arrive at the port and do not find a place available to travel.
Thank you, Ok-Ferry Staff

The booking was easy enough. Would be nice for the documents/tickets to be translated into English.

booking system was very easy to use. Would recommend it to anyone.

Only one problem, it's impossible to book a one way Ticket!

very good

User friendly site, provides great options on the itineraries, pleasure to deal with.

Thank you for all your kindness

Fast and efficient :)

It was easy to book the tickets online!

Simple and easy to use.

It was simple to get buy the tickets!

fast and efficent. thanks you!


Quick response

very good service, very helpful, good website