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Ferry Civitavecchia Olbia
Going to Sardinia from Lazio to enjoy the sun and the beaches? Or coming back to go and discover Rome’s area? OK-Ferry offers you many shipping companies to choose from for a truly low-cost route with departures from/to Civitavecchia-Olbia.

Civitavecchia is an ancient coastal town in Lazio; her heritage can be traced back to Roman time when emperor Trajan founded it. The Municipal Theatre was designed in honour of Trajan in the 18th century. Located in Civitavecchia also the Archaeological-Botanical Park of the Taurine Baths, whiche were built around naturally hot sulphur spring water. You can walk along the top of the walls, overlooking a busy harbour, the seafront market and Forte Michelangelo, a 15th century fortress-museum at the port’s entrance.

Olbia is extraordinary ancient town of Sardinia island, with probable Punic origins and with remainings and relics from Phoenician and Carthaginian settlement up to the Roman period, as you can see if visiting the National Archaeology Museum. The major highlights include also the Romanesque former cathedral of Saint Simplicio (11th-12th century), and the medieval Church of St. Paul Apostle.

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