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Ferry Piombino Golfo Aranci
Italian coastal beauty a go-go in ths interesting crossing which sees Piombino-Golfo Aranci as main characters on the iazure “stage” created by the Thyrrenean Sea!

Once called Falesia by the Romans, today Piombino offers a good starting point to explore both Tuscany coastline and Maremma area. Piazza Bovio will be a good point for a good viewing.
Also the old port and the frenzy fishing port with restaurants, wine bars and tavernswhere to eat baccalà and potatoes, caciucco, and mussels. "Little Paris” was ruled by Elisa Bonaparte but the bulfings here recall fully the Middle Ages and magnificent Renaissance. A must to visit is Rivellino, the Palazzo Nuovo, and the 16th century castle built by Cesare Borgia.

Golfo Aranci, located in the North-East area of the beautiful Island of Sardinia, is a buzzing fishing port. In the early 19th century a Royal Decree ruled for changing the town in one of the main gateway from the rest of Italy. The good fortune of Golfo Aranci echoes today into a real modernisation and a surroundings full of sunny beaches.

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