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Ferry Cagliari Trapani
The most important providers are listed in Ok Ferry website and  the destinations are the port of Cagliari-Trapani.

The Casteddu (“castle”) meaning the ancient area of Cagliari welcome the tourists on the hilltop, which boasts a breathtaking view from Torre di San Pancrazio and Torre dell''Elefante, and from Terrazza Umberto I: a spectacular view of the Gulf (the “Bay of Angels”) is waiting for you. To visit also the Basilica of San Saturnino, Chiesa della Purissima, and the Church of Saint Lucifer.

Trapani literally fell off the back of Demeter’s chariot as she was desperately seeking her poor daughter Persephone. The old town centre is a beauty and on the coastline it is the fantastic beach of San Vito Lo Capo.
The port holds the departures for the enchanting Egadi Islands, located a few miles off Trapani’s coast. The famous culling of tuna (tonnara or mattanza) still occurs off the Egadi Islands.

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