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Ferry Reggio Calabria Messina
Wishing to go to and from Calabria /Sicily? Just book on OK-Ferry a low-cost trip using the connections with departures from/to Reggio Calabria-Messina.

Reggio Calabria is located between the sea and the mountains inside the National Park of Aspromonte. Imagine pine forests and beechwoods stretching up to the Ionian one.
From the town and the port Sicily is far just 2 miles. On the west side the beauty of the Tyrrhenian Coast called Costa Viola is dotted by terraces built on the hills, which at the sunset riverberetes in the sea with their purple reflections. In the south and the east the Ionian Sea is instead the main highlights with untaimed beaches.

Across the Strait of Messina, stands the ancient Zancle, currently the modern and efficient  Messina, completely reconstructed after the heavy bombing of the Second world War. Here there is in place the most efficient system of ferries and ships to connect the mainland to Sicily.

On Ok Ferry website is easy the booking process online for you. The most famous shipping companies operates ships and ferries to and from Calabria /Sicily. Select the route and you will access fully the information about times, prices, fares, offers, routes, ports and availability.



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