Ferries Tunis Palermo

Ferries Tunis Palermo

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Book your holiday on the gorgeous Mediterranean beaches of Palermo or Tunis.

Tunis, known as the ancient Cartago, is undoubtly full of history amidst the modernity which is never rampant, but well-integrated with the Arabic roots. Full of costal retreat, golden beaches and inetersting outdoor activities, Tunis and its surroundings are the door to explore Tunisia, the desrt and the Valley of the moon.

Palermo saw the dust and glory of Greek culture and North-Africa and Europe armies and kings.
Unmissable is the Capella Palatina, a small jewel hidden inside the Royal Palace and the “Quattro Canti” with the sculptures on each four corners of many topics such as the four seasons, the four Spanish kings and the four patrons.
Piazza Pretoria shines with the “Fountain of Shame”, featuring sixteen naked statues of nymphs but also mermaids and satyrs.

Timetables, offers and routes with the most famous shipping companies are available to and from Italy/Tunisia and in particular Tunis-Palermo are here on OK Ferry website.

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