Ferries Civitavecchia Tunis

Ferries Civitavecchia Tunis

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To reach Tunis from Civitavecchia and vice versa is very easy and fast booking online on OK-Ferry for a low-cost crossing with departures from/to Civitavecchia-Tunis.

Civitavecchia is the result of a millennial process of civilization and urbanization of the Lazio region. Right in the area where now stands the city (just 70 km from Rome), significant elements are overlapped and accumulated through various periods even since the Prehistoric age . Numerous traces of primitive settlements along the coast in Civitavecchia, as equally numerous and important are the structures, Etruscan, Roman and Medieval, who have made the city an urban centre of such importance it has been nicknamed as the “Port of Rome”.

In the Middle Ages, Tunis was named Bournus of the Prophet, that "the cloak of the Prophet" because, coming from the sea or from the desert, the city looked like a mirage. Today, the city embraces you from the very first moment, making you lose the orientatio, so different that sometimes you seems to be in more places at once: there are dead-straight roads and wide streets in the new zone, while in the oldest quarters of the Medina the pathways are winding, narrow and dark. Among the most important area, you can not lose the Aghlabid Mosque and the walls, but remember that you can not visit Tunis ignoring the real monument of the city: the souk, with its smell of spices and leather.

The information regarding timetables, offers and routes available with the most famous shipping companies to and from Italy/Tunisia and in particular Civitavecchia-Tunis are here on OK Ferry website.

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